Dear Trader,


PTRA is a service of Peter Maggen and his team.  Peter holds an engineering degree from the Polytechnic Division of the Belgian Royal Military Academy.  He has a special drive for innovation and change.  After achieving change in public procurement in Belgium and in Europe... in applying industrial proven best electronic practices to the government procurement process (e-Procurement in Government), today, Peter aims for change at the global level in foreign currency exchange (Forex)... in turning High Risk Investment into Low Risk.  This is the purpose of the global PTRA community.

Our vision is to enable as many people as possible to make a living from Forex. 

Is it possible?  YES, Forex is about buying and selling with profit.  It's an open market.  Everybody can do nowadays on the condition that he/she has access to the so called new technologies (Computer & Internet/APPs).

Our goal is
- to teach you,
- to help you,
- to coach you,

in mastering Forex and make a great living for you and your family.

You will need the PTRA mindset & system.

We will aim for a weekly return of 5 to 10%. 

Therefore we will have to perform about 10 trades with a 1:2 risk/reward ratio. 

The PTRA system is needed for realising these results.  Together with patience and discipline skills.

PTRA will help you to pinpoint the most profitable trades.

When there is any doubt, we stay out of the market.

Together we can.

Once you are successful, we ask you a return.  This budget will be used for helping those who have not the means to do so.  In other words, we help our members to master the system, and when they have not the funds for starting their Forex venture, PTRA initial funding might be a solution.  In doing so, our community will steadily grow.  We are confident!

Happy Trading to You!

Our Strategy

1.The PTRA staff will assist you in opening a 5.000 USD demo account.
2.We prefer a true ECN broker... IronFx, FinFx and Tallinex e.g. are good ones.
3.Become a member of PTRA for three months... this will cost you 40 EUR.  Attention: This fee will be doubled once we go international.
4.Install the PTRA system on your Metatrader 4 & your demo account.
5.Get familiar to the PTRA system. 
Just follow the rules:
- engage above or below the trend channel;
- follow the trend indicator till exhaustion or till strong support/resistance;
- take into account the strength of the currency.
6.Last but not least, consult the daily PTRA forecast posts under the "PTRA Forex Forecast" page. 
You can use a RSS reader for easy alerting & reading the forecast messages in your browser.
7.The forecast message will be available before the start of the London Session (08:00 GMT).
8.Move to real account once you realise 10% account increase every week consistently. 
This goal should be achieved within three to six months.
9.Continue trading with PTRA.   click here to see our forecast statistics
10.That's it.     Together we can


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Click to read more about us and to follow our operations. " Peter 's Forex Forecast "

Of course you can visit us, see the route on our map.